21st May

Louise Leigh, Professional local comedian

Solo show by compere of Funny Women - 8-9pm

Funny Women Regional Finalist and badly-behaved mother of two, Louise should probably be delousing her kids instead of gallivanting off to Brighton to appear in a festival. But I’m going, so please come and see me off, by coming to a lovely bar, having a couple of drinks and then listen to me talk and try to make you laugh. it should be fun. When she’s not removing parasites from her children, Louise somehow finds time to turn in “an impressive performance” (John Hegley) featuring the vagaries of parenting, navigating the choppy seas of middle age and how to shave your legs like you’re in an advert. She’ll make you laugh until soup comes out of your nose. (If you were already eating soup. If soup comes out of your nose when you haven’t been eating soup, you should probably see someone about that, okay?) Hugely relatable, Louise is “charming, funny and with a natural rapport with the audience.” All proceeds from this show will go to buying special shampoo and the sachets that get rid of the itchy bum worms