21st February

The Shrinks

A tasty off-kilter cocktail of original and covered ‘Americana’

This Bristol band is England’s premiere exponent of ‘Avonicana’ – that unique music that only occurs where the mighty Mississippi meets the muddy Avon (more Cotham and Westbury than Country and Western), The Shrinks offer a tasty off-kilter cocktail of original and covered ‘Americana’ played with vim.

The Shrinks play a lilting country headed by a voice oscillating between Levon Helm and John Hiatt. They’re clearly in love with the conventions of their chosen form, and well they might be –

‘As long as there are bands like The Shrinks, the world is a better place.’ Julian Owen,Venue

‘Precious few are actually as good as this – plaintive, tuneful, un-neurotic and firmly earthed.’ David Hepworth, The Word

‘The Shrinks slide into a groove like true pros, play with economy and restraint, sing soulfully with dulcet harmonies stamped from the medium tempo soulful country template authored by The Band, partly down to lead singer David Brown’s earthy, resonant voice.’ Charley Dunlap, Bath Chronicle