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Grace Green

Grace Green

We love the rich colours, organic structures and focus on women in Grace’s paintings.

Grace paints primarily with acrylic on wood panel but she also enjoys the vibrancy of Indian ink on paper.  She works fast with gestural movements and finds it useful to use fast drying mediums. Colour is paramount both referentially and in its pure, abstract state

Grace’s paintings focus on the fruitfulness and fecundity of life in all its forms but principally the absorption in organic growth. She wants to highlight the vulnerability of plants as a reminder of the threat our natural world is under.

Sometimes the abstracted plant forms represent in my mind the microscopic cell structures in nature. Occasionally less organic forms such as chicken wire or a mobile phone have been introduced as a reminder of constraints that are placed by human over nature. But throughout the primary desire is for focusing on growth, nurture and transformation. More recently a figure is present, introducing the relationship between the feminine and natural world.The question “How can humans co-exist with nature?” is something strong within these pieces as environmental and ecological concerns arise and eco-anxiety becomes real she finds herself inclined to document and paint.

Surreal elements create playfulness and varied colour pallets introduce something beyond familiarity. A recent painting ‘Hillside Harvest’. (100” x 60” x 2.5”) was painted after a trip to India where she noticed the importance of small scale farming to help eradicate poverty and keep a diverse plate of nourishing food within the country. One of her favourite things to see were the baskets at markets on the roadside or balanced on women’s heads full of rich colour and varied goodies from tea, rose petals, spices, to fruit and vegetables.

February Exhibition

Angie Kenber creates striking abstract paintings in bold, life-affirming colours.

Her palette is vibrant and unique: acid yellows and lime greens, turquoise and jade working with passionate reds and oranges.  She uses colour to create bold and expressive paintings that capture her excitement and joy in life, grounded in a contemplative spirituality.

Her abstract paintings have been described as ‘inspiring’, ‘uplifting’, and ‘joyful’.