February Exhibition ~ Angie Kenber & Danielle Greenwood

We have 2 contrasting artists showing their work here during February.  In the main bar is abstract artist Angie Kenber and in the Downstairs Gallery Danielle Greenwood will be showing her unusual art as a nod to Valentine’s Day

Angie Kenber creates striking abstract paintings in bold, life-affirming colours.


Her palette is vibrant and unique: acid yellows and lime greens, turquoise and jade working with passionate reds and oranges.  She uses colour to create bold and expressive paintings that capture her excitement and joy in life, grounded in a contemplative spirituality.

Her abstract paintings have been described as ‘inspiring’, ‘uplifting’, and ‘joyful’. For more information enquire at Room 212


Danielle Greenwood of Viva Los Muertos who is an El Paso, Texas native now residing in Bristol. Danielle’s childhood was immersed with Catholic and Mexican culture from growing up in a border town, which has heavily influenced her art.  She tends to experiment with many types of mediums and most of her art is created from up-cycled resources. She gives old, bland frames a new lease of life then turn them into boxes with an antique gilded style or vibrant colours.  She hand casts the plaster skulls and hand sculpts clay for the large skull and heart pieces. All pieces of art are unique and original.