The Great British High Street – Glorious Gloucester Road

Following the success of his book of Stokes Croft and Montpelier Bristol, street photographer Colin Moody is bringing out his second book ‘The Great British High Street – Glorious Gloucester Road. The book will be in all shops from 30th April, including Room 212

We will be hosting the launch party and showing an exhibition of many of the photos from the book until April 25th.

Colin will give a talk about his book and sign copies on April 23rd 6.30 – 9pm


Publishers The History Press say,  “Traders are the heart, soul and backbone of our high streets. Their shops provide a focus for community, a friendly face and in hard times a helping hand. This project recognises the personalities and services we rely on and which add to the layers of history already laid down with Gloucester Road as the Great Bristol High Street. Following a single first photo post on social media, dozens of people who run, or know people who run, indie businesses have come forward to tell Colin their stories. Now a major project promoted by Visit Bristol and Destination Bristol, this project tells the community story of local heroes and showcases Bristol’s indie spirit to a wider field.”

Colin Moody  “I’ve been helped, fed, guided, advised and welcomed by so many who wanted to share their thoughts on the road and what makes it tick, or been nudged on social media to look here and there. Never just a referral but often a back story and a reason why. This has shaped the project in a profound way and it has guided the way I have chosen to take the images. I am not seeking to add elegant touches, light it up and snap it to package it to you in a glossy way. I believe in good documentary to boldly capture what is there, offering here and there a glimpse of something deeper.”